At AGM at the Wooden Fender a few changes have been agreed for a trail of one season
1/ there will be 2 division's a Tuesday league and a Wednesday league
2/ upto 3 players will be allowed to "guest" for either a tuesday or a wednesday team that no player can play for more than 2 teams in a season 
3/ if a team is short of players for the fixture he must ask permission from the opposition captain to ask if replacements can play to make up the numbers, the opposition captains word is final

4/ each guest player can only play a maximum of 3 games and cannot play against there host side i.e in cup competitions
5/ A trial of orange coloured balls should be available by the beginning of the 2015 season
hopefully all the teams will be truthful about the changes and everyone will have an enjoyable season

6/ All deliveries down the leg side are to be deemed wide while batsman is in his/her normal  stance (i.e does not move across crease so the ball goes behind the batsman)
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